Submission of Minisymposium Proposals

Relevant scientists in the fields of the congress are invited to organize Minisymposia (MS) in the different topics of the conferences.
Participation of research teams from all parts of the world is welcomed and encouraged, as well as proposals of Minisymposia in new developing areas.
Deadline for submission of Minisymposium proposals is June 30, 2017.
MS proposals shoud be submitted through the conference Web site, and have to follow the template.
To be able to submit a MS proposal, you have to first register.

If you are not registered
  1. Enter your personal data in the Web form (choose your own login name and password) and save it.
  2. Access your personal record and complete the MS proposal information. Be sure to complete the submission by clicking on the "Add" button. Only .pdf files can be uploaded (maximum size 1 MB).
If you are registered
  1. Enter the site using your login name and password.
  2. Continue as described at Step 2 above.

General Guidelines

Organizers of MS proposals are requested to upload an abstract of approximately 400 words (1 page) no later than June 30, 2017, following the format of this template.

The abstract should briefly illustrate the contents and objectives of the Minisymposium. The list of prospective speakers is not required.

For practical reasons, each MS shall have a Corresponding Organizer, who will submit the MS proposal and keep in contact with the Conference Secretariat, and one or more Co-organizers.

Each MS should consist of a minimum of one Session (6 presentations of 20 minutes each). The number of Sessions for a MS will be determined by the number of papers submitted. A MS cannot be split in parallel sessions.

For Minisymposia of at least two sessions, the MS Organizers have the possibility to propose a maximum of two Keynote Lecturers. Since Sessions are subdivided into 20 minutes slots, the format will consist of 2 consecutive Keynote Lectures of 30 minutes each in the same Session plus 3 invited papers of 20 minutes each.

If you need to update your MS abstract
  1. Enter the site using your login and password.
  2. Browse the new file and submit it.
    To check that the submission was successful you have to first refresh the web page.
For any question, please contact the congress secretariat.